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Masha Tsigal is the personal brand of famed Russian designer Masha Tsigal. The brand was founded in 2003 and includes both male and female lines. Masha Tsigal clothing is designed for individuals who are passionate about life, love and travel. This is reflected in the intrinsic blend of modern fashion, bold colours, quality fabrics and designer prints that define the name stake of every collection.
The signature feature of Masha Tsigal continues to be its iconic prints which are personally designed then hand crafted to create chic and elegantly fitted clothing.
Twice a year the brand showcases its collections at the Moscow Fashion Week.
Masha Tsigal is a widely recognized public fashion label which has a long standing relationship with many large Russian and International retailers, designers, buyers and fashion media.
Masha Tsigal apparel is worn by leading celebrities including entertainers, rock stars, singers, movie stars, socialites and the business elite.  The brand is stocked in high end stores and boutiques in Russia and abroad.